Facades Perth

Specialising in cladding external facades using a range of materials including Equitone, CFC, Aluminium and Timber, Restyle Innovations can meet your needs.

At Restyle Innovations, our professional cladding installers have worked on some of Perth’s most recent developments including the Equitone cladding at Westfields Whitfords & Carousel.

We understand the financial and scheduling pressures on your organisation and can work with you to achieve the best possible results on everything from cladding for homes through to large scale commercial projects.

Our success is driven by our dedicated team of professional cladding contractors in Perth who are committed to producing superior finishes. Restyle Innovations has built a reputation in the Australian construction industry for precise, high-quality architectural cladding, as well as relevant and insightful advice and consultancy.

Custom Facades Perth

ReStyle Innovations provides custom façade installation services throughout the Perth region. If you’re looking for a team that can adapt to complex requirements, ReStyle Innovations has the experience and capabilities to meet your demands. We’ve worked with countless clients in West Australia to deliver bespoke cladding and installation services.

Functional and Aesthetic Facades Perth

Your building’s external façade is one of the most critical components of its design. At ReStyle Innovations, we have a unique focus on the aesthetic appearance of our façade components. We’ve successfully contributed to the aesthetic design of some of Perth’s most significant commercial projects.

Our extensive range of cladding materials allows our team to provide a variety of functional benefits to our clients. We work with clients to install cladding that can improve energy efficiency and fire resistance. If you’re looking for a façade company in Perth that offers both functional and aesthetic materials, ReStyle Innovations is the perfect partner.

Consulting: Wall Cladding Perth

While the majority of our business involves the direct design and implementation of façades, we also provide a host of consulting services to clients in the Perth region. If you have an upcoming construction or renovation project, our group of experts is happy to consult on various elements of the job. We have extensive experience helping with both commercial and residential proposals.

Effective Solutions for Combustible Wall Cladding Perth

Recent evidence suggests many large commercial and residential buildings around the world utilize combustible cladding. While past builders have taken advantage of cheap and aesthetic cladding to cut down on costs, the building’s current owners are left with severe risks. Several fire-related disasters around the world have brought this issue to the forefront for property owners.

If you’re uncertain about the current state of your cladding, we’re happy to provide a full combustibility assessment. It’s the best way to remove any doubts you may have about your cladding’s core material.

We provide full consulting and remediation services that can help you reduce your exposure to combustible cladding. If after our assessment, your cladding is deemed dangerous, we can begin the steps to replace or alter your façade.

Given the potential impact of combustible cladding, it’s critical to get in touch with a qualified team straight away if you suspect any issues.

Verified Wall Cladding Perth Testimonials

It’s essential to work with a façade team that you can trust. As a locally-owned business, we’re heavily investing in the success of our Perth-based clients. We have verified testimonials from property owners in the region. Contact us if you’d like to speak to a past client about the quality of our work.

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Whether you’re constructing a new building or replacing old cladding, it’s critical to get started on the right foot. Our expertise in the façades industry helps our clients complete their projects efficiently and effectively. If you’re looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality and professionalism, it’s time to contact ReStyle Innovations to discuss your project’s specifics.

We’re happy to provide free quotes on any prospective architectural cladding projects. If you’d like to discuss an estimate, get in touch with our team today to begin the process!